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The Board provides support and assistance to those who are retiring from the stipendiary ministry at a time in their lives when they are potentially at their most vulnerable.

They are not only adjusting to retiring from full-time work, but unlike most people in this position, they are also often leaving tied-accommodation and moving away from the communities where they have played a pivotal and central role, and for whom they have served for many years.

flowerbeds.jpgWe offer assistance, whether through the provision of retirement housing, supported housing, nursing care, or through ensuring that clergy and their surviving widow, widower or civil partner have a minimum level of income. This, however, is costly.

The Board's investment income is not sufficient to cover the services which we provide and we are grateful to everyone who contributes to our work.

Without your generous assistance we would not be able to offer the scale of services currently provided. fletchers.jpg

You can help us in a variety of ways including

  • Donations of money either as a one-off gift or through regular giving. Individuals can Gift Aid their donations to us. In this way the Board can claim back the tax paid on the donation.
  • Online donations can be made using the "Donate Now" button below
  • Including us in your Will through a bequest of money or property.

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