These pages give information about the pension schemes operated by the Pensions Board.

There are 3 major pension arrangements. Please follow the links for further information:

The Pensions Department is responsible for the administration of the schemes, contact details can be found on our Contact the Pensions Department page.

March 2014 Budget

The Chancellor has announced significant changes to pension rules.

Some of these changes took effect from 27th March 2014 and further changes will take effect from April 2015. At the moment it is unclear how the changes will work and we are expecting clarification from the Government over the coming year. We will shortly be issuing newsletters about how we think these changes may affect members of the pension schemes administered by us.

Church Workers Pension Fund agrees £100m buy-in

The Church of England Pensions Board has announced that it has agreed a 'buy-in', covering 70% of the pensioner liabilities of the Defined Benefit Scheme section of the Church Workers Pension Fund, with Prudential. This is simply an investment decision; it does not affect in any way the benefits of the Fund's members.

News Reports on the Church of England Clergy Pension Schemes

In response to the claims in the media by Mr John Ralfe about the Church of England Funded Pension Scheme, the Pensions Board has issued a statement and the chief executive of the Pensions Board has written an open letter in response.

Auto Enrolment

From October 2012 the Government introduced a requirement for all UK employers to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a recognised "workplace pension scheme".

A workplace pension scheme must meet one of the Governments new tests in order to qualify as a recognised scheme. The Church of England Pension Schemes (CEPS) for Clergy, the Church Workers Pension Fund (CWPF) Defined Benefit Scheme and the Church Administrators Fund (CAPF) all meet one of these new tests.

The Church Workers Pension Fund (CWPF) Pension Builder Scheme is a hybrid scheme that cannot easily satisfy the tests required for auto-enrolment. It is different from a conventional schemes and this presents difficulties in relation to certifying that the scheme meets the auto-enrolment tests. The Pensions Board has therefore opened a new section called Pension Builder 2014 which does meet the tests. For further information on Pension Builder 2014 please follow this link:

Church Workers Pension Fund (CWPF)

Equitable Life

Those members of the Clergy pension scheme and the CCSS who paid Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) to Equitable Life's with profit fund between 1 September 1992 and 31 December 2000 may be due compensation. If this is the case, the administrators of the Equitable Life compensation scheme will contact you directly by writing to your home address.

For more information on the eligibility for the compensation scheme please see:

Equitable Life Compensation Scheme

Please contact the Pensions Helpline (0207 898 1802), email pensions ( or write to us, if you have any other questions about AVCs.