Church of England Pensions Scheme

The Church of England Pensions Schemes ('CEPS') were established  for the purpose of providing pensions and associated benefits for clergy and others in the stipendiary ministry. 

The CEPS are made up of 2 separate schemes but the benefits are provided on an identical basis and paid and administered by the Board. 

  • Pensionable service to 31 December 1997 is the responsibility of the Church Commissioners and paid from income earned on historic assets under the Church of England Pension Measures.
  • Service from 1 January 1998 is pensionable under the Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme ('CEFPS').   Contributions are paid by dioceses (and other Responsible Bodies) and invested in same way as any other funded pension scheme.  The Board is the trustee of CEFPS and responsible for the administration and investments of the Scheme.

Those with periods of pensionable service both before and after the commencement of the CEFPS receive a single pension payment each month.  The relevant parts are, however, identified and accounted for separately.

The scheme booklet can be downloaded from the Forms and Booklets page.

Further information for members is contained in the link on the right of this page. 

New Clergy AVCs Arrangement

Changes to the additional voluntary contributions arrangements for the Clergy scheme took effect from 1 April 2011.  Information about the new arrangement can be found on the Clergy AVCs page.