Asset Management


The Church Commissioners hold investments whose value was approaching £5.5 billion at the end of 2012. The fund includes stock market and property  investments, including UK urban property, rural and development land, and a stake in global property funds.

Investment strategy
The Commissioners aim for the best return from their assets to help sustain the nationwide ministry of the Church, without undue risk and in line with their ethical investment policy. Their long term target is a return of at least RPI plus 5% over the long term.

Investment strategy is the responsibility of, and regularly reviewed by, the Commissioners' Assets Committee, assisted by the property and securities groups, both of which are made up of staff and trustees.


Ethical policy
The Commissioners do not invest in arms or pornography or in any company whose main business is in gambling, alcohol, tobacco, or home credit provision. They exercise voting rights as shareholders and will sometimes raise concerns directly with companies about their business activities and matters of corporate governance. They are guided by the Ethical Investment Advisory Group, which also advises the Church's other main investing bodies.


Church Commissioners' Stewardship Code Statement
Approved by the Commissioners' Assets Committee on 14 November 2013.
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Reports on voting activity

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