Key Facts

Supporting the Church of England: all over the country

The Church Commissioners play a vital role in supporting the Church of England as a Christian presence in every community:

Managing an investment portfolio of £5.2bn derived from the Church's historic resources

Looking after a long-term resource for both current and future generations

The  Commissioners:

  • contribute 15p in the pound to the cost of the Church of England's mission - most of the balance comes from the extraordinarily generous giving of today's parishioners.
  • operate a distributions policy that 'smoothes' fluctuations in the financial markets thus providing stable support for beneficiaries.
  • manage their investments within ethical guidelines, supported by the Church of England's Ethical Investment Advisory Group (click here to read about the EIAG).
  • pay for all clergy pensions earned up to 1998 - pensions earned on service since then are paid for by dioceses, largely from money donated by parishioners.
  • pay the stipends and workings costs of all the Church of England's bishops - and the housing costs of all diocesan bishops - in support of their local and national ministries.
  • provide more than £40 million each year in support for parish ministry, primarily to less well-resourced dioceses (click here for more information).
  • support the mission of all of the Church's cathedrals by paying the stipends of the majority of cathedral deans and two stipendiary canons, as well as making other cathedral grants.
  • encourage innovative uses for churches no longer in use for Church of England worship.
  • support the administration of parish boundary changes (click here) and give grants to other Church bodies.

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