Work with other Churches

What is Christian Unity?

Jesus prayed that his disciples might be one so the world may believe.
Christian Unity furthers God's mission of peace for the whole world.

The Church of England is working with other Churches for

  • The full visible unity of the Church

  • Local unity in mission.

How does the Church of England work with other Churches in England and the UK?

The Church of England maintains relations with a wide range of other Churches in England, through formal conversations and agreements as well as informal relationship building, and by collaborating nationally and locally in areas of joint mission.

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How does the Church of England's work with other Churches in Europe?

The Church of England is firmly committed to mission and unity with our European partner churches, esepecially those with whom there are special agreements.

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How does the Church of England work locally with other Churches in dioceses and parishes?

In almost every local community, the Church of England exists alongside an increasing number and diversity of other churches. In many places we work extensively with some longstanding partner churches, and, increasingly, with a range of new partners.

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What does the Council for Christian Unity do?

The Council for Christian Unity (CCU) supports the Church of England in seeking the unity of the Christian Church through ecumenical conversations, local unity initiatives, theological research and reflection.

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