Inspection Reports

The below documents are a mixture of PDF and Word documents. The date of each refers to the actual inspection visit.

Published in 2014

Ridley Hall follow-up report: November 2013

All Saints' Centre (Southern North West) follow-up report: December 2013

Trinity College Bristol follow-up report: November 2013

Cambridge Theological Federation follow-up report: November 2013

Published in 2013

Local Ministry Framework of the South Central Regional Training Partnership (SCRTP): March - June 2013

Eastern Region Ministry Course, Norwich and St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Diocesan Ministry Courses follow-up report: June 2013

Lincoln School of Theology May 2013

Southern Theological Education and Training Scheme (STETS) Feb-April 2013

St John's College, Nottingham: February 2013

South West Ministry Training Course (SWMTC) report: Nov 2012 - Jan 2013

Yorkshire Ministry Course follow-up report: December 2012

College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, follow-up report: December 2012

Trinity College, Bristol: October 2012

Published in 2012

All Saints' Centre for Mission and Ministry within the Southern North West Training Partnership: April-May 2012

Cambridge Theological Federation: November 2011

Lancashire and Cumbria Theological Training Partnership: Mar-May 2012

Cranmer Hall & Wesley Study Centre follow-up report: May 2012

Ridley Hall report: November 2011

Lindisfarne, follow-up report March 2012

Eastern Region Ministry Course, Norwich and St Edmundsbury & Ipswich Diocesan Ministry Courses: September-November 2011

Westcott House report: November 2011

SEITE-Canterbury Licensed Ministries Training Scheme follow-up report: November 2011

Published in 2011

College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, March 2011 (published Sept 2011)

Cranmer Hall and Wesley Study Centre, May 2011

St Stephen's House, follow-up report July 2011

Wycliffe Hall, second follow-up report: May 2011

Oxford Partnership for Theological Education and Training (OPTET) follow-up report: April 2011

Yorkshire Ministry Course and Yorkshire RTP: January-March 2011

Sarum College - March 2011

Lindisfarne RTP - September-November 2010 


Published in 2010

St Stephen's House - November 2008 (revised following appeal October 2010)

Oak Hill College - Follow-up Report - April 2010

St. Michael Llandaff - Follow-up Report - March 2010

Wycliffe Hall - Follow-up Report - December 2009

SEITE - October-November 2009

Published in 2009

OPTET - March 2009

Oak Hill College - February 2009

Ripon College Cuddesdon  - Follow-up Report - May 2009 

Ripon College Cuddesdon - March 2009

St. Mellitus College and Chelmsford and London Reader Training - Follow-up Report - June 2009

St Mellitus College and Chelmsford and London Reader Training - January-March 2009

St Michael Llandaff - February 2009

Wycliffe Hall - November 2008