Foreword by the former Archbishop of Canterbury:

The letters of St Paul often tell us about all the gifts the Church needs in order for it to do its work and to be itself. Everyone has something Jesus Christ has given them which has to be shared with the whole community.  Among these gifts is a cluster of things that all have to do with taking some kind of responsibility for the Church's growth and the Church's direction - the apostle, the prophet, the teacher, and so on.  And while all sorts of different people may exercise these gifts in various ways, the Church has always organised itself on the basis that it needs some visible focus for this kind of ministry. It has worked on the assumption that the task of taking responsibility and nurturing the vision of the Church needs to be recognisable both in and beyond this or that local community and so it has given some people the job of doing this in a very public and official way.

Bishop Rowan Williams

To discuss your vocation contact catherine.williams@churchofengland.org National Adviser for Vocations.

Catherine Williams

Take the opportunity to explore the possibility of ordained ministry at a National Vocation Conference. 

Minority Ethnic Vocation Conference - 21st-23rd March 2014 - Sheffield
Application form available here:

National Vocation Conference - 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2014 - Launde Abbey
Application Form available in the New Year.



If you are under 30 and would like to explore your vocation further please contact liz.boughton@churchofengland.org National Adviser for Young Vocations. The Call Waiting website may be of particular interest to you.

Summary of criteria
This will give you a summary of the criteria for those being considered for ordained ministry in the Church of England.

Anglican Religious Communities Booklet
Is God calling you to be a monk or a nun? Download this booklet for advice and guidance.

Pioneer ministry
This provides information on pioneer ministry, if you feel particularly called to this area of ministry, lay or ordained.


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