Defined Contribution Section

Welcome to the member section of the Church Administrators Pension Fund - Defined Contributions Section.

This page will explain the investment options open to you, and how to contact the Pensions Board staff.

What are my investment options?

There are three basic approaches that you can take:

  1. you can use the default investment choice known as the 'equity lifestyle option',
  2. you can choose an ethical version of this known as the 'ethical lifestyle option',
  3. you can choose one or more funds from the list below. Choosing your own funds is known as 'freestyle' investment.

What is Lifestyle investment?

Lifestyle investment is designed for those who would prefer not to make their own investment decisions.

Lifestyle investment options are specially designed to switch your contributions as you approach your target retirement age. You do not have to decide which funds to invest in or when to switch between funds. This helps to reduce the risk of your contributions being affected by volatility in the stock market in the lead up to your retirement.

You can choose a target retirement age between 55 and 70. This is very important as it determines when your contributions are switched between funds. You should choose the age at which you intend to retire, and change your target retirement age if your plans change.

What is Freestyle investment?

Freestyle investment offers you the opportunity to select the funds that you wish to invest in. This is designed for the more confident investor as you have control over which funds your contributions are invested. Before choosing one or more of the funds below you should think about how confident you are at making investment decisions and assess your attitude to risk.

What can I invest in?

Fund type Fund Name

Equities (Ethical)
UK ethical fund L&G Ethical UK Equity Index Fund
Global ethical fund L&G Ethical Global Equity Index Fund

Equities (Unrestricted)
UK equities L&G UK Equity Index Fund
Global equities L&G Overseas Equity Consenus Index Fund
Balanced equity fund L&G Global Equity Market Weights (30:70) Index Fund

Gilts and Bonds
Index-linked gilts L&G Over 5 Year UK Index-Linked Gilts Fund
Fixed interest gilts L&G Over 15 Year UK Gilts Index Fund
Corporate bonds L&G AAA-AA-A Corporate Bond All Stocks Index Fund

Property fund L&G Managed Property Fund

Cash fund L&G Cash Fund













Further Information

L&G has a client site which contains full details of all the available funds including up to date unit prices and fund performance. You can access the L&G client site at Details of the username and password are available from the Pensions Board.

An investment guide is also available to download.

If you have any questions please Contact the Pensions Department.