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Fair Admissions Campaign "bunkum"

The Church of England has commented on claims made by the Fair Admissions Campaign "that religious selection in school admissions is leading parents to attend church when they otherwise wouldn't."  The claims were based on the Campaign's examination of a study originally commissioned by the CofE as part of its Church Growth Research Programme.

A spokesman for the Church of England said: "This is the usual bunkum from the Fair Admissions Campaign and its associates."

"By basing their claims on the selective quotations of two or three sentences from a 93 page report, the only thing they have demonstrated is the paucity of their argument."

"The Church of England will continue to provide excellent schools serving their local communities in all their diversity and rejoice if that encourages the 60 per cent of the population who name themselves as Christians to express that by attending their local church."  More details

Bursaries for trainee RE teachers

The Government has confirmed that it will not restore bursaries for students wanting to train as RE teachers.

Commenting on the news, a Church of England spokesperson said: "The rSchoolemoval of bursaries has been another blow to RE. If bursaries are supposed to be focused where they are most needed then RE should be first in the queue. Sadly it seems the need is being ignored. The provision of bursaries would do much to improve the teaching of RE, which remains a vital subject for young people wanting to understand the complexities of belief and faith in the modern world."

There is, however some good news for would be RE teachers. Culham St Gabriels, Keswick Hall Trust, St  Luke's Foundation and the Jerusalem Trust have made available a £220,000 'Common Fund' to  provide bursaries for students wanting to train as RE teachers,  The Common Fund will support students starting courses in September 2014.

Application information  and applications can be made via the Keswick Hall website.

Church schools enable children to develop character and resilience.

The Church of England has responded to the publication of The Character and Resilience Manifesto by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility. The Manifesto, published on 11 February 2014, urges schools to do more to boost pupils' self-belief, perseverance and the ability to bounce back from set-backs.

Revd Jan Ainsworth, the Church of England's Chief Education Officer and General Secretary, National Society said:

"I welcome the publication of The Character and Resilience Manifesto by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility. It is vital that schools not only equip children with key skills and knowledge but also help them to become whole, rounded, human beings. The ethos of the Church of England's 4,664 primary and secondary schools, which comes through understanding the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, allows children to engage with the profound issues of faith and spirituality. This enables children to develop character and acquire resilience, helping them to be ready to play a full part in society."

All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility

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The CofE is a major provider of statutory education, the largest provider of schools in England. There are nearly 4,500 Church of England primary and middle schools and more than 190 secondary schools, including more than 220 primary and secondary academies. Nearly one in five primary school children are educated in Church of England primary schools by 19% of all primary teachers.

Church School of the Future: read the full report here: protecting and developing our schools for the next decade

Celebrating 200 years of church schools on YouTube

Voluntary Activities

The Church of England is also a major provider of voluntary activities and training for those working with children and young people within the Church and the wider community.

Adult Education

Adult Education offered by the church aims to grow God's people, and to encourage all to develop as disciples of Christ.

All God's people are on a Lifelong Journey. The church can offer informal and formal opportunities for Lifelong Learning.

Further Education

Chaplaincy in Further Education is a growing ministry and the church promotes involvement in this important work, meeting the needs of young people 16-19 and many adults.

There are also opportunities for the Church to work in partnership with local FE colleges.

Higher Education

The Education Division's work in Higher Education is concentrated on supporting Chaplaincy in universities, Higher Education policy issues and Anglican Universities and University colleges.

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