Supporting your Church of England school

Church schools exist with and for the communities around them. This inclusivity is at the heart of their purpose. Church schools welcome support and help. This can take many forms. Here are some suggestions:

  • Become a governor  of your local church school
  • Work voluntarily with the school - perhaps assisting with reading or similar activities
  • Strengthening the link between the parish church and the school through both clergy and lay involvement
  • Join 'Friends' or parent teacher associations (pta) and help fund raising activities and initiatives
  • Make use of any community facilities provided by the school
  • Support events and parent assemblies and acts of worship organised by the school
  • Inviting and welcoming the school into other community organisations
  • Supporting dedication and prayer for the school
  • Commissioning headteachers during acts of worship
  • Participation in Education Sunday 
  • Becoming familiar with the Christian Values for Schools website
  • Organise and participate in joint acts of worship between church and school
  • Supporting your child's education by working closely with the school and its teachers
  • Supporting the school during times of local and national crisis and emergency.

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