Being a Governor

Importance of being a Governor

A strong, well-led governing body, supportive of the school, its staff and its mission makes an important contribution to the school's well-being and effectiveness.

Being a governor is a major piece of Christian and community service. No one should undertake the role lightly. It involves time, energy and a willingness to become involved in the life of the school on a regular basis over at least four years. Churches should recognise and support all those who undertake this responsibility in a Church school.

Governing bodies

They are an integral part of the school leadership team and are responsible for;

  • setting the Christian ethos of the school;
  • developing the school improvement plan
  • making decisions about expenditure of the school budget
  • challenging and holding the headteacher to account
  • They also monitor the implementation of the policies developed in consultation with the school leadership team.

Sometimes the governing body is referred to as the critical friend of the school. It is a strategic role: governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school: that is the responsibility of the headteacher.

In voluntary aided, foundation schools and academies, the governing body is the employer of the staff. The National Society has its own suite of contracts.


The constitution of the governing body and the ways people can be appointed or elected to the body is laid down in the Instrument of Government. In Church schools the Instrument will contain an ethos statement, derived from the school's trust deed, laying out the main purposes of the school. All the school policies should take the ethos statement as their starting point.

The governing body is a body corporate made up of individuals who together make a significant impact on the lives of their employees, pupils and the wider community. Foundation Governors  have an especial care for the school's Christian character. Governors must behave individually and collectively in a trustworthy manner.


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