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General Synod - Summary of business conducted on Thursday 9th February pm


The Bishop of London moved:

‘That this Synod

(a) recognise the work and achievements of tens of thousands of volunteers in caring for the churches of England;

 (b) support the recommendations of the Church Heritage Forum report Building Faith in our Future and encourage its widespread dissemination;

(c) invite the Forum to take forward discussion of the recommendations with public bodies and agencies at every level, from the local to the European, and invite dioceses to do the same with public bodies and agencies in their own areas;

(d) call upon Her Majesty’s  Government to increase the financial support available for the care, maintenance and repair of Church Buildings, and to  continue the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme for the reimbursement of VAT beyond the end of March 2008 if the issue of VAT on such repairs has not by then been permanently resolved  in the context of European Community discussions; and

(e) urge parishes to make full use of the Scheme and any other financial support available from Government sources for the upkeep of church buildings.’


Following debate, the Synod voted for the motion by 220 votes to 0.


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79 written questions were submitted by members of Synod. The responses will be available online in the near future.


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