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Church of England opens virtual door on its documentary heritage

Information on the rich documentary heritage of the Church of England is now only a click away with the launch of a dedicated Libraries and Archives section on the Church of England’s popular website.

Information about Lambeth Palace Library, the Church of England Record Centre and the Library of the Cathedral and Church Buildings Division, as well as links to the major ecclesiastical libraries and archives throughout England, have been brought together in the new section, creating a single portal to the documentary heritage of the Church of England.

While many of these libraries and archives have run their own websites for some time, only now can users visit a central starting point, appropriately hosted on the Church’s main website that currently handles an average of more than 20,000 requests for pages of information each day. Information on how to access a diverse range of material - from medieval texts such as the 12th century Lambeth Bible, through to documents on church architecture, or the history of free education in England - can all be accessed via the new section.

“I hope that these pages will provide a gateway to the many and varied collections in the Church and will improve the awareness and use of these hidden gems,” said Declan Kelly, Director of Libraries, Archives and Information services.

Visit the new portal.