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St Stephen's House, Oxford: Inspection appeal

In a joint statement, the Archbishops' Council's Ministry Division and St Stephen's House, Oxford said today:

We have accepted the recommendations of an appeal to the Ministry Council by St Stephen's House following the inspection of November 2008.  The Council accepted the recommendations of the report from the appeal group that

1. Recommendations 4, 5 and 12 were not adequately founded and are to be set aside.  As a result, these recommendations will not be followed up by the inspections follow up process. 

2. Recommendations 9, 10 and 11 were adequately founded, are confirmed and will be followed up by the inspections follow up process.  

3. As a result of the findings listed in 1 above, criterion outcomes B (Relationships with other Institutions) and H (Teaching and Learning: Content, Method and Resources) were not satisfactorily evidenced and are set aside.

4. In view of the current status of working relationships and the proposed mediation which has yet to take place between Dr Ward (Principal) and Professor Berry (Inspector), Professor Berry will take no further part in the Inspection process relating to St Stephen's House.


Following this appeal, the paragraphs relating to points subject to appeal have been edited.  The paragraphs subject to the appeal where the appeal was upheld and the recommendations listed in 1 above have been removed from the report. 

Details of the inspection process .

The inspection report (click on St Stephen's House)