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Daily Media Briefing 5 November

Daily Briefing for Monday 5th November 2012

Issued at 09.15 by RH/NC

Tomorrow: Leonard, hermit, 6th cent
William Temple, archbishop, teacher of the faith, 1944
1.  Anglican Consultative Council
Latest reports from the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Auckland New Zealand from 27th October and 7th November 2012.

2.  Today's press coverage
Tel p2

Reports that the Charity Commission has denied charitable status to the Plymouth Brethren, an evangelical movement with 16,000 members. In a letter to the group the Commission say, "there is no presumption that religion generally, or at any more specific level, is for the public benefit, even in the case of Christianity or the Church of England".

Times p36, Ind p32, Guard p19, Tel p18, FT p8, Sun p15, Metro p21Mail p34, I p24, FT p10, WSJ (Europe) p1

Reports that a blindfolded altar boy has chosen the name of the next Pope of the Egyptian Coptic Church

Mail p4

Reports that a leading cancer specialist has criticised the Liverpool Care Pathway as "the most corrupt practice in British medicine".

Times p2

Editorial in favour of assisted dying written by Libby Purves

Ind p24, Guard online

Reports that a suspected grenade attack in Kenya has injured seven people

Exp p13

Feature on the Revd Harold Davidson, who was "defrocked" 80 years ago after a trial surrounding "fallen women".

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3. Top Weekend Stories

BBC Radio 4 Sunday
News report and interviews on the Dioceses Commission draft scheme to reorganise Church of England structures in West Yorkshire and the Dales. (starts at 30 mins)

Sunday Times p1 plus Sunday Express p26
News report "No faith, hope or charity: church status in jeopardy"

Observer p40
Victoria Coren on "A new handbook urges vicars to be flexible about breaks from tradition. This offers hope"

Daily Telegraph p16
News report "Church rift over women bishops may last years"

Daily Telegraph p17 (plus Independent p30, Guardian p7, Sun p13, Times p21)
News report "You will die in jail, judge tells Christian-hating double killer"

Daily Mail p6
News report ""Full life term for sadistic drifter who murdered vicar and widow"

Daily Mirror p14

News report "Christian slayer"

FT p3

Reports that the over-65 age group lead rise in cohabitation outside marriage.


Exp p19

Comment by Jennifer Selway criticising the amount of time it's taking to announce the name of the New Archbishop of Canterbury and saying the CofE should take its cue from the Coptic church using a blindfolded altar boy to chose a name.

No online link

Mail p48

Quentin Letts reports the generous ovation give to the Archbishop of Canterbury by "hundreds gathered at Church House … to see him given  a prize".

Daily Mail p4
News report "Catholics in gay adoption battle 'are bigots'

Daily Telegraph p33

Comment "Marriage works and it's the answer to the misery of loneliness"

Daily Mail p33 (no link)
News report "Villagers in shock as vicar is held over 'voyeurism' with ref to a priest in Somerset

Guardian p27

News report "Church at site of Christ's crucifixion faces closure in row over unpaid water bill"