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Daily Media Briefing 6 November

Daily Briefing for Tuesday 6th November 2012

Issued at 09.00 by NC

Leonard, hermit, 6th cent
William Temple, archbishop, teacher of the faith, 1944
Tomorrow: Willibrord, bishop, 739

Archbishop Launches Living Wage Rate for UK

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu together with Julia Unwin CBE Chief Executive of Joseph Rowntree Foundation /Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust today launched the UK Living Wage. For further information, see end of briefing or go to:

2.  Today's press coverage

Mirror p13, FT online, BBC online, Ind online Mail online

Reports on the launch of the 'Living Wage' campaign

Mail p14, Guard p30, Times p19

Commentary by Alex Brummer "Political cynicism, economic illiteracy and a crusade for a 'living wage' that will just kill off jobs".

Polly Toynbee in the Guardian "The living wage tide is turning, but not enough"

Times - Political Sketch by Ann Treneman

Tel p13

Reports that a new survey by the Mothers' Union and backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury shows that "a letter to Father Christmas" (present list) is placing undue pressure on parents to buy additional presents for children.

Even Stand p32

Reports that "a ban on sales of homemade jam in used jars at church fetes has been overruled by a London council after it refused to police the edict". The headline reads "Church ban on homemade jams comes to sticky end after council overrules it".

Times (T2) p3

Reports that two Milan based designers have produced a series of 'snappy graphics' illustrating everything from "celebrity lives to historic events". One of the reproduced illustrations is the life of Christ.

Guard p33

Correction printed at the behest of the Bishop of Lincoln making it clear that an area bishop (rather than an assistant bishop) had agreed his resignation before the publication of (a critical) report.

No online link


Times p24 John Dawson

Faith and Charity - responding to Monday's story about the Charity Commission questioning the charitable status of churches.