The  Fees Table from 1 January 2014  can be downloaded from the links under Resources on the right of this page.

Also under Resources are a note of Frequently Asked Questions about the 2013 fees, and a revised edition of the Guide to Church of England Parochial Fees for fees from January 2013.

Parochial fees are regulated by Ecclesiastical law.

The Guide and the FAQs are intended to help with information about parochial fees.

The Guide is an updated version of the booklet last published in 1993, and incorporates subsequent adhoc guidance, as well as information about the changes to fees from January 2013. The 'definitions' section is intended to explain the meaning of the special terms used  with regard to parochial fees, including those defined in legislation. The Guide is amended when new legislation is passed.

The FAQs (which are updated from time to time) gives answers to the more commonly asked questions.