16 Days of Activism: Day 12

1 in 5 children in the UK are exposed to domestic abuse during their childhood​. Domestic abuse is the most common factor amongst children considered to be ‘in need’ of support from local authority children’s social care, featuring in 50% of all assessments​.

Children are now recognised victims of domestic abuse. Being exposed to domestic abuse has serious consequences for children and young people and it can affect how they feel, think and behave in harmful ways​.

Children growing up in a household with domestic abuse are more likely to face future harms such as developing mental health issues and experiencing abusive intimate relationships of their own.​ Children who are exposed to domestic abuse experience increased levels of fear, inhibition, anxiety and depression compared to their peers.

Alex Kubeyinje, National Director of Safeguarding, talks about domestic abuse and the impact that it can have on children who are exposed to and witness such actions happening in the home.