The Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on Housing, Church and Community

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on Housing, Church and Community, looking at how the Church responds to the housing crisis.

"If the purpose of housing was understood as building homes and communities, not merely building accommodation with bricks and mortar, the whole nature of the industry would be changed."

Justin Welby, Reimagining Britain: Foundations for Hope

Britain is in the midst of a housing crisis. It is a crisis which affects people’s material, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Church and Community will seek to re-imagine housing policy, with a focus on building better communities and homes, not just houses. As well as making recommendations for Government and others, it will also look at what actions the Church can take, in partnership with others, to help tackle the crisis at local, regional and national level.

The Commission is chaired by Charlie Arbuthnot with the support of The Right Reverend Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington. See a full list of the Commissioners below.

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Most recently

The Commission's most recent study visit was to Newham in East London. Read our blog to find out more. For more news from the Commission, see the links below, or fill in our form to join our mailing list.

The Commission seeks to listen to people with direct experience of housing issues and hear from local churches and other organisations with experience of tackling these issues in their community throughout the course of its work. If you would like to be in touch with the Commission to share your experience/expertise, please fill out the form below.

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