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Growing trend for worshippers at cathedrals, show latest stats

Cathedral Statistics 2014 show that more than 10 million people visited cathdrals in 2014.

The number of people attending midweek services at cathedrals has doubled in the past 10 years, show Cathedral Statistics 2013.

The number of worshippers at Church of England cathedrals increased in 2012, continuing the growing trend seen since the Millennium. Total weekly attendance at the 42* cathedrals grew to 35,800, according to Cathedral Statistics 2012 an increase of 35% since 2002.

*There are 42 cathedrals in the Church of England, 43 including the Cathedral Church of Holy Trinity, Gibraltar in the Diocese in Europe

2011 Attendance levels at regular weekly services in Church of England cathedrals have steadily increased by 30% since the turn of millennium, a growth of approximately 3% on average each year.  At Sunday services 15,900 adults and 2,200 children and young people usually attend. Including those who only attend midweek services, the total attendance figures rise to 28,000 and 6,800 respectively. Westminster Abbey adds, on average, 2,000 people each week to these numbers.

Church Statistics 2010/11 continued to expand measures of participation and affiliation collected by Church of England dioceses, parishes and cathedrals. This publication provides more detailed geographical evidence of the continued involvement of the Church of England in the everyday lives of men, women and children.

Cathedral Mission 2001 - 2011(pdf)

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Cathedral Mission 2000 - 2010 Educational and Events charts(pdf)

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