Ministry Statistics

Ministry data provide summary statistics about the number of clergy serving in the Church of England. Statistics include the numbers of stipendiary and non-stipendiary clergy, the numbers of ordinations, and the ages and genders of clergy. Links to published reports can be found below.

Ministry Statistics in focus:

Stipendiary clergy projections 2015-2035 (published September 2016) explores projections in the stipendiary element of ordained ministry. 4 scenarios illustrate the impact of increasing numbers of ordinations and changing retirement patterns on the national pool of stipendiary clergy. This cover note provided by the Ministry Division accompanies the report and references a companion report on vocations.

2015 Ministry Statistics

Ministry Statistics 2012-2015 (published June 2016) and Commentary provided by The Venerable Julian Hubbard, Director of Ministry, provides summary statistics of the number of clergy serving in the Church of England, and how that has changed over the period 2012 to 2015, including trends in total numbers in stipendiary and self-supporting ministry, age profiles, gender splits and ethnicity.

Detailed Diocesan tables can be found in a separate excel file. Research and Statistics plan further reports using these data exploring in more depth different aspects of ministry.

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