General Synod - Budget

The Church's national budget, approved by the General Synod

The Church's national budget, largely for the training of ordinands, the Church's national work based in Church House, Westminster and its contributions to ecumenical bodies is approved each July by General Synod, in the form of the Archbishops' Council budget.

The budget is split into five separate areas for discussion and voting:

Vote 1

Covers the costs of training ordinands for the ordained ministry - some in colleges and some on courses.

Vote 2

Includes all support, administration and policy work provided at national level. The particular focus is on work done more cost effectively and better in one place than in 44 dioceses. This accounts for 1% of the Church's total expenditure. In July 2010 the Archbishops' Council committed itself to tight spending control so that the amount asked through apportionment would not go up by more than 0.5% below the rate of inflation for 2011 and 2012.

Vote 3

Covers the Church of England's contributions to various Anglican Communion, ecumenical and other bodies. Grants for the Conference of European Churches increased 2% and for the Inter-Anglican budget by 4% in 2011. Other grants were maintained at 2009 levels.

Vote 4

General Synod voted in 1997 for the national Church to take on the mission agencies' liability for clergy pensions contributions and is a statutory obligation.

Vote 5

The contributions to the CHARM scheme for retired clergy housing.

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