Giving and Christian Stewardship

Being good stewards requires us to decide what we will do with all that God has entrusted to us. The familiar offertory response "All things come from you, and of your own do we give you" reminds us that all that we have is sourced from God's provision.

We are encouraged to give of time, skills and money to support the work of the church and that of other charities that build God's kingdom. Much of this giving may be regular giving from our income, but we should also consider what we will do with the wealth that we accumulate.

Encouraging Giving in your Parish
Encouraging giving in a parish can feel daunting, but it need not be so.  Some simple tasks can set the right climate for people to review their giving and levels of generosity. When these are done well, a number of important objectives are achieved. Church members then:

  • Connect their giving with their faith, seeing their giving as a response to the giving of a generous God.
  • Understand that their giving enables mission and ministry, rather than simply paying the bills.
  • Feel that they, and their gifts, are valued by the church

Parish Resources Website
Our aim is to support you in your stewardship. Whether you're looking to raise money, give money, spend money or manage your money; it's important to be good stewards. We seek to provide practical, useful resources and services that support you in your local church life.

The Church of England's National Stewardship & Resources team offers over 400 pages of resources to support all aspects of stewardship, parish administration and management.

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Church Legacy: A lasting gift to your church
Gifts in Wills are an important part of Christian giving, and leaving a gift to your church is a way to thank God for all the blessings you have received in your lifetime. Many of us give regularly to the church each week or month from our income; why not from our estates too? It's also a way to give thanks to God for the gifts of our life and lifetime.

For further information on how a gift in your will could make a difference to your church, Please visit our Church of England Legacy website

Parishes Buying Together
Each year parishes spend over £200 million, in addition to paying for clergy and local ministry. This includes spending on energy, insurance, photocopiers, office supplies and building maintenance.

Until now, each parish has been left to make its own decisions without much support. This also means that we have been largely buying as independent parishes, without being able to harness economies of scale.

Parish Buying aims to change that. Whether or not you want to take advantage of the deals we've negotiated, this website from the national church seeks to support local decision making. Therefore as well as offering a range of competitive deals, you will also find a number of short Buying Guides and other information to help you make better buying decisions.

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