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Porvoo Guidelines  inter faith encounter in churches of the Porvoo Communion
The Porvoo Communion draws together Anglican churches from Britain and Ireland with Lutheran churches from Scandinavia and the Baltic. These guidelines emerged from a consultation held in Oslo in December 2003. They have no official status, but offer some practical pointers on pastoral issues.

Inter Faith Marriage Guidelines advice from a Christian perspective

Sharing One Hope? Church House Publishing 2001 Report exploring relations between Christians and Jews over the past two millennia, a relationship that has been described as 'the longest hatred'. Report challenges the CofE to find hopeful and honest ways to help in transforming that hatred into respect and trust.

Scriptures in Dialogue Church House Publishing 2004 Edited by Michael Ipgrave, this book contains papers by Tom Wright, Esther Mombo, Mona Siddiqui and others and includes a major lecture on inter faith relations given by Rowan Williams. The book comes out of a seminar held in Doha at the invitation of the Amir of Qatar, the focus being the intensive study of passages from the Qur'an and the Bible addressing questions such as discernment of the Word of God, the place of women in their believing communities, and making space for the religious 'Other'.

The Road Ahead Church House Publishing 2002 Drawing on the insights and expertise of Christians and Muslims from a wide variety of nations and cultures, this book offers a message of hope to all who seek to build bridges between those who follow the world's two biggest religions.

Building Good Relations This useful leaflet published by the Inter Faith Network of the UK offers a code of conduct for encouraging and strengthening relationships between people of different faiths, with the emphasis on honesty, compassion and generosity of spirit.

Multi-faith Worship? The Inter-Faith Consultative Group discusses the various types of mult-faith worship, and considers the theological issues involved.

Network for Inter Faith Concerns (NIFCON) of the Anglican Communion

The following publications are available from Inter Faith Relations, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3NZ:

Communities and Buildings: A report that looks at the use of church buildings by those of other faiths, in agreement with the church;  and what should happend to those church buildings which are no longer needed by local Christians.

Room for Religion: Principles and guildeines for those asked for advice about the construction, adaptation or use of a building, a set of rooms or a single area which is to be used for worship and prayer by people from a variety of faith traditions.

Multi-Faith Worship: Guidelines on the actual decisions which have to be made when some form of 'multi-faith worship' is proposed. Focuses on general principles, rather than attempt to spell out a detaild code for every occasion.

Multi-Faith Worship: Questions and suggestions from the Inter Faith Consultative Group.  Offers among other things, theological perspectives; guidance for when visiting a place of worship of other faiths; the legal position.

Sharing one Hope?: Paper presented as a contribution for carrying forward a growing tradition of reflection and debate - it presents a specifically CofE perspective and its focus is the Christian side of Christian-Jewish relationships.

Archbishop of Canterbury, inter faith related lectures As leader of the Anglican Communion as well as through his role as the senior religious figure in England, the Archbishop of Canterbury has addressed inter-faith concerns in several speeches at home and abroad.

The Holocaust Exhibition : Imperial War Museum 
Four years in the making, the Imperial War Museum's Holocaust Exhibition uses historial material to tell the story of the Nazis' persecution of the Jews and other groups before and during the Second World War.

Crimes Against Humanity : Imperial War Museum 
An exploration of genocide and ethnic violence. A specially-commissioned 30-minute film is the central element of the Museum's new permanent exhibition with examines the theme of genocide and ethnic conflict.

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