Church of England Investment Fund for Pensions

The Church of England Pensions Board administers a number of pension schemes and the assets of these schemes are pooled for investment purposes. This allows the smaller schemes to access economies of scale and investment opportunities that might not be available to them otherwise. The shares in the pooled funds attributable to each pension scheme are established on a unitised basis every month.

The Board operates a "Return-Seeking" Pool, comprising of equities, property unit trusts, active currency, corporate bonds and cash; and a "Liability-Matching" pool, consisting mostly of UK Government Bonds.

The strategy for the investment of the Board's pension fund assets takes into account the Board's ethical policy and the relative maturity of each scheme's liabilities as reflected in contributions receivable and benefit outgoings. The Board takes the advice of the Scheme Actuary in determining the asset split between the two pools for each Scheme.

The Pensions Board is committed to managing its assets in a way that reflects the Church's teaching and values. We help to fund, and receive both advice and support from, the Church's Ethical Investment Group on all issues relating to the ethics of investment. We are also signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and the 2009 Investor Statement on the Urgent Need for a Global Agreement on Climate Change.

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