Rental Housing

Rental Housing

If you can't afford to buy a share of a home, CHARM Rental housing offers you the opportunity to rent a modest, unfurnished home that we already own, under a tenancy agreement.

This would mean you could stay in our property as long as you were able to - this is known as an Assured Tenancy.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for one of our Rental properties you must:

  • be (or have previously been) living in a 'tied' house;
  • be in need of affordable retirement housing i.e. are not able to buy a home of your own or a share of a home under our Shared Ownership Scheme; and
  • have a minimum length of stipendiary service by the time you retire.  For more information on this, download Your Guide to Retirement Housing.

For more details on how to find out whether you are eligible for help from us, click here.

How the Rental Scheme works

Once you have got in touch with us and we have confirmed you are eligible, we would meet or call you to talk you through how the scheme works.

During this meeting or call, we would help you to identify what's important to you for your home during retirement.  We would also help you to consider what you might need in the future, in order to be able to continue to live in your home throughout your retirement.

Our Properties

Our properties are modest and sizes vary depending on location, with inner city properties (particularly London and areas near the M25) being considerably smaller than rural areas.

You would be asked to consider more than one area to move to, in order to increase your chances of finding a suitable property in time for your retirement.

You would need permission from your Bbishop or Archdeacon if you wanted to include your parish as one of your areas.

Our portfolio of properties changes frequently and we will continue to increase the number of properties that we own in Boroughs and Counties where our customers say they want to live.  We would not be able to guarantee, however, that we would have a particular type of property in a specific area, so the more flexible you could be on location, the more choice you would have.

If after talking with us you decide the Scheme is for you, we shall send you details of potential properties in England and Wales every month.

You would be able to choose any that interest you and ask for a viewing. If after a viewing you think you have found your home, you would be able to reserve that property (rent free) for up to five years, to move into as soon as you retire.

Should more than one customer want to see the same property, the customer with the most urgent circumstances will view the property first.

Getting the Property ready

We bring customers' chosen homes up to a good standard before they move in. Where needed, we shall decorate, upgrade kitchens and bathrooms, and provide adaptations. You would be able to choose from a selection of kitchen and bathroom styles.  All properties are unfurnished.

Rent and other Expenses

You would pay a monthly rent for your home. Rents are based on the value of the property and are subsidised so that they are more affordable than market rents. Rents are reviewed annually. You would need to pay for moving costs, furnishings and white goods, contents insurance, and on-going utility and Council Tax bills.

Repairs and Maintenance

As the landlord, we undertake repairs and maintenance of customers' homes, apart from cleaning, gardening and internal decorations.  You would find full details of our obligations as a landlord in your Tenancy Agreement and Residents Handbook.

Next Steps

If you would like to see if you are eligible for Shared Ownership or Rental housing, or to find out more about how we support our customers with retirement housing, please call 020 7898 1824.