Church of England Pensions Scheme

The Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (CEFPS), also known as the Clergy Pension Scheme, provides pensions for Clergy and licensed lay workers.

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The Clergy Pension Scheme provides members with a defined benefit pension and a lump sum on retirement. Membership is automatic if you are in a stipendiary position with the Church Commissioners.

For details of the benefits the Clergy Pension Scheme provides, please read our Members' Guide.

If you require further information about the Clergy Pension Scheme or have any questions about the benefits it provides please contact us.

There are a range of related documents on the right hand side of this page that may be of interest to you.

If you are an employer and would like to find out more about participating in and administering the Clergy Pension Scheme, please visit our Employer Page.

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

You can increase your retirement benefits by paying AVCs. Further details are on our Clergy AVCs page.

State Pensions

The benefits provided by the Clergy Pension Scheme is in addition to your State Pension. To find out more about your State benefits please visit the Government website:

Planning for retirement

Planning for retirement is vital, and the transition between working life and retirement is made easier if you plan early.

We will send you an annual update letting you know how much you can expect your pension and lump sum to be when you retire. You can also get in touch with us to obtain a retirement quote.

If you feel your pension may not be enough to provide for your retirement you can increase your benefits by paying AVCs. Please visit our AVC page for more information.

You should also strongly consider your housing arrangements for retirement. If you feel you may benefit from housing support from the Church of England please visit our Housing page.

There are also a range of other ways that you can save and plan for later life. Our useful links page provides some of the organistations and websites that can help.

Although we are not able to offer you financial advice we can provide you with all of your Clergy Pension Scheme options. Please contact us if you would like to dicuss your options.