Property Investments

As part of their commitment to providing a diverse portfolio of assets, the Church Commissioners for England hold an investment property portfolio valued in 2014 at just under £2 billion, nearly 30% of their total fund. The average return in 2014 was 27% driven primarily by capital growth, including realised gains on sales. The annualised return for the last ten years is 11.1%, compared with the IPD benchmark of 6.5%. The portfolio is split across a variety of property sectors and geographies in order to provide the funding the Church of England requires with the best possible risk/return profile. The Property Investment Department manages rural and strategic land, residential, commercial and indirect property, as well as timberland / forestry and infrastructure.

For more information on the property portfolio please follow this link to pages 24 and 25 of the latest Church Commissioners' Annual Report.

The Commissioners' Total Real Estate portfolio has won IPD's three year rolling performance award for large balanced funds for the past eight years in a row, and best fund measured over 10 years three times.

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