Resourcing Mission

Resourcing Mission

The Resourcing Mission Bulletin (RMB):

The Resourcing Mission Bulletin, which is published by the (Resource) Strategy & Development Unit of the Archbishops' Council and Church Commissioners, aims to help disseminate the lessons learned from existing ministry and mission, spread ideas about the opportunities for growth and, more generally, stimulate thinking on a range of resourcing issues.

The Resourcing Mission Bulletin now has a new home on the Church Growth Research and Development site.

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Mission Opportunities in New Housing and other Development Areas:

In 2007 the Church Commissioners and the Archbishops' Council, earmarked £7.25 million for new housing and other development areas (for example, business or retail) with the aim of extending the Church's witness into these areas and developing sustainable Christian communities.

Fifteen dioceses were given grants under the funding programme, strating in 2008. much of the work was delayed due to the effects of the recession, but the projects for which the dioceses have to date used the funding have been involved in three main areas of work: missionary or outreach staff; funding for infrastructure, like church buildings; supporting other outreach projects.

An evaluation of the funding programme for mission opportunities in new housing and other development areas (Charities Evaluation Services):

DOWNLOAD: Full Evaluation Report

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