Links to sites of related interest

There are several related areas that you should be aware of as you browse the Church of England web site.

The Archbishops' Council
The Archbishops' Council was established in 1999 to co-ordinate, promote, aid and further the mission of the Church of England. Their annual report is available in their area of this web site.

Church Commissioners
The Church Commissioners manage the Church's historic assets, today invested in stock market shares and property, to produce money to support the Church's ministry. More information is available in their area of this web site.

The General Synod
The Report of Proceedings and Business Done files are available to download from the General Synod area of this web site.

Church Urban Fund
The Church Urban Fund (CUF) supports practical action for justice in disadvantaged and marginalized communities. They have their own web site which is available from the link provided.

The Ecclesiastical Committee of Parliament
This Committee examines draft Measures presented to it by the Legislative Committee of the General Synod of the Church of England. It reports to Parliament on whether or not it considers the measures to be expedient.

Ecclesiastical Law Society
The Society seeks to promote the study of ecclesiastical and canon law, particularly in the Church of England and those churches in communion with it.