Dioceses Commission

Dioceses Commission

The current Dioceses Commission was established in 2008 under Part II of the Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007. It has a primary duty to keep under review the provincial and diocesan structure of the Church of England and in particular:

  • the size, boundaries and number of provinces;
  • the size, boundaries and number of dioceses and their distribution between the provinces;
  • the number and distribution of bishops and the arrangements for episcopal oversight.

The Church of England is made up of 42 dioceses (including the Diocese of Europe) which are split across the two Provinces of York and Canterbury.  Each diocese has a diocesan bishop who is responsible for pastoral care of clergy and laity within the diocese, often with the support of suffragan bishops.

The best place to get an overview of the work of the Commission is by looking at the annual reports to General Synod.

The Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales was created from the former Dioceses of Bradford, Ripon and Leeds and Wakefield by a Dioceses Commission Scheme which came into effect in April 2014.  The Commission was very conscious that its Scheme was the first of its kind and, with this in mind, it commissioned one of its number, Professor Hilary Russell, to conduct an evaluation of the process on its behalf. She conducted about 50 interviews with a range of interested parties in the course of the summer and her report can be viewed here.

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There are 10 members of the Commission including the Chair and Vice-Chair, 4 members appointed by the Archbishops and 4 members elected from General Synod.  The Commission usually meet at least 4 times a year.  They are supported by an administrative secretary at Church House, Westminster. Further information can be found here.

The website is currently under review. These pages are managed by the Secretary, please email dioceses.commission@churchofengland.org if you have any comments.