Background and history

The Commission has requested that some of the background material prepared at the start of its work should be made available on this web-site. These are available from the related links and resources boxes on the right of this page or from the links below:

  • 'Setting the Scene': A Background paper from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York (September 2008). This paper is available by clicking here.
  • 'Dioceses and Episcopal Sees in England: A Background Report for the Dioceses Commission' by Colin Podmore (2008). This substantial paper is available by clicking here.
  • The Dioceses of England: Boundaries and Extent, arranged by region (2008): click here to download (1.4MB).
  • Discrepancies between Diocesan and Local Authority Boundaries: A Preliminary Survey (2008): click her to download.

Legal Advice

The Commission has received the following Legal Advice:

  • Meaning of the Term 'See' (2010): click here to download.
  • Whether a deanery can be held with a suffragan bishopric (2010): click here to download.

Earlier reports

The following discussions of suffragan episcopacy are also relevant:

  • Episcopal Ministry: The Report of the Archbishops' Group on the Episcopate (GS 944, 1990), chapter 11: 'Episcopacy in the Church of England: delegation and sharing': click here to download.
  • Suffragan Bishops: House of Bishops Occasional Paper (GS Misc 733, 2004): click here to download.