Ethical Investment Policies

The EIAG is an advisory body. Ethical investment policies are put into effect once they are agreed by the national investing bodies.

The investing bodies' overall approach to ethical investment is described in their Statement of Ethical Investment Policy.

Ethical investment restrictions apply to companies involved in military products and services, non-military firearms, pornography, tobacco, gambling, alcoholic drinks, high interest rate lending and human embryonic cloning.

The EIAG gives advice on positive steps that the investing bodies can take to reflect the Church's teaching and values on issues such as the environment and climate change, supply chain ethics and HIV/AIDS.

The national investing bodies are active stewards of their assets and vote their shares in line the executive remuneration policy recommended by the EIAG. They also take into account the earlier corporate governance policy.

The ethical investment policies recommended by the EIAG are the basis for a distinctly Christian approach to investment embracing negative screening, positive alignment with the Church's teaching and values, and active stewardship.