House of Laity

The General Synod has 467 members. It comprises the Convocations of Canterbury and York, joined together in a House of Bishops and a House of Clergy, to which is added a House of Laity.

The House of Laity consists of members from each diocese of the two Provinces elected by lay members of the deanery synods (or annual meetings of the chaplaincies in the case of the Diocese in Europe) or chosen by and from the lay members of religious communities, together with ex officio members.

House of Laity

Chair: Canon Dr James Harrison (Durham)
Vice-Chair: Canon Elizabeth Paver (Sheffield)
Secretary Nicholas Hills
020 7898 1363
Legal Adviser
Adrian Iles

The Standing Committee of the House of Laity consists of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the members of the Business and Appointments Committees elected by the House and the members of the Archbishops' Council elected by the House.

Proceedings of the House

Meeting held on Friday 8 July 2016

Meeting held on 5 July 2013

Meeting held on 18 January 2013

Meeting held on 6 July 2012

Meeting held on 7 February 2011

Meeting held on 24 November 2010

Meeting held on 8 February 2010

Meeting held on 11 February 2008

Meeting held on 10 July 2006

Meeting held on 6 February 2006

Meeting held on 16 November 2005

Meeting held on 10 July 2005

Meeting held on 14 February 2005

Meeting held on 14 July 2003

House of Laity Standing Committee: Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held 9 July 2016

Minutes of the meeting held 17 February 2016