February 2017 Group of Sessions

Monday 13th February - Thursday 16th February

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GS 2042 - AGENDA


Monday 13th February 2017

GS 2043 - Report by the Business Committee [item 2]

GS 2044 - Anniversary of the Reformation [item 5]

GS Misc 1156 - Statement on the Reformation Anniversary

Questions Notice Paper [item 7]


Tuesday 14th February 2017

GS 2045A & GS 2045B - Preliminaries to Marriage [item 9]

GS 2014B & GS 2014Z - Draft Mission and Pastoral etc. (Amendment) Measure [item 500-501]

GS 2031A & GS 2031Y - Draft Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and Care of Churches Measure [item 502-503] and Consolidation, Destinations and Origins

GS 2027A & GS 2027Y - Draft Legislative Reform Measure [item 504]

GS 2030 & GS 2030x - Draft Statute Law (Repeals) Measure

GS 2032A & GS 2032Y - Draft Pensions (Pre-consolidation) Measure [item 505]

GS 2046 & GS 2046x - Draft Church Representation, Ecumenical and Minister Measure [item 506]

GS 2047 & GS 2047x - Draft Amending Canon No. 38 [item 507]

GS 2048 & GS 2048x - The Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 [item 508]

GS 2049 & GS 2049x - The Church of England Pensions (Amendment) Regulations 2017 [item 509]

GS 2050 & GS 2050x - The Safeguarding (Clergy Risk Assessment) Regulations 2016 [item 510]

GS 2051 & GS 2051x - Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2016

GS 2029A, GS 2029AA & GS 2029Y - Draft Amending Canon No. 36 & Draft Amending Canon No. 37 [item 511]


Wednesday 15th February 2017

GS 2052 - Creation of Suffragan See for the Diocese of Leicester [item 10]

GS 2053 - Appointment to the Archbishops' Council [item 11]

GS 2054A & GS 2054B - Fixed Odds Betting Terminals: Reduction of Maximum Stake [item 12]

GS 2055 - Marriage and Same Sex Relationships after the Shared Conversations: A Report from the House of Bishops [item 14]


Thursday 16th February 2017

GS 2056 - Setting God's People Free: Report from the Archbishops' Council [item 17]


Contingency Business

GS 2057A & GS 2057B - Mission & Administration


Other Papers

GS Misc 1148 - Central Stipends Authority Report

GS Misc 1149 - Diocese Commission Annual Report

GS Misc 1150 - Update on Renewal and Reform

GS Misc 1151 - Ecumenical Relations Report 2016

GS Misc 1152 - Simplification of Ecumenical Regulations

GS Misc 1153 - Report on the Archbishops' Council's Activities

GS Misc 1154 - House of Bishops Summary of Decisions

GS Misc 1155 - Holding Office under Common Tenure

GS Misc 1156 - Statement on the Reformation Anniversary

GS Misc 1157 - Simplification - the story so far

A(17)1 - Recent Appointments

Chairs of Debates


Notice and Order Papers

Notice Paper 1

Notice Paper 2

Notice Paper 3

Notice Paper 4

Notice Paper 5

Notice Paper 6

Notice Paper 7

Notice Paper 8

Order Paper I

Order Paper II

Order Paper III

Order Paper IV

Order Paper V


House of Clergy Meeting - Monday 13th January

HC(17)A1 - Agenda

HC(17)1 - Clergy Wellbeing


Tickets for the Public Gallery

Tickets for the public gallery are made available 30 minutes before the start of a Synod sitting. Separate tickets are required for each sitting (morning or afternoon) and places cannot be reserved from one sitting to the next. On Wednesday 15th February as the afternoon session begins at 5.30pm, gallery tickets for the afternoon session will only be available from 5.00pm. Unfortunately, we won't be able to allow access to the public gallery before that time and can only offer seats in the public gallery on a first come, first served basis.  There will be an overflow room set up which we can use if we find the public gallery at capacity that afternoon.