July 2012 Group of Sessions

Friday 6 July - Tuesday 10 July


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Papers for Business at General Synod (in day and item order)

Friday 6 July

Report by the Business Committee (GS 1864) [item 4]

Saturday 7 July

World Shaped Mission (GS 1865) - not available online [item 6]

Draft Clergy Discipline (Amendment) Measure (GS 1814B) and Report by the Steering Committee (GS 1814Z) [item 504-505]

Draft Diocese in Europe Measure (GS 1853A) [item 506]

Draft Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure (GS 1866) [item 507]

Draft Amending Canon No.31 (GS 1877) [item 508] and Explanatory Memorandum (GS 1866X/1877X)

The Church of England Funded Pensions Scheme (Amendment) Rules 2012 (GS 1867) and Expanatory Memorandum (GS 1867X) [item 509]

Church Commissioners' Annual Report - Annual Report & Accounts for 2011 [item 7]

Fresh Expressions and Church Growth: Report from the Mission and Public Addairs Council (GS 1870) and (GS 1871) - not available online [item 8]

Sunday 8 July

Additional Eucharistic Prayers (GS 1822A) and Report by the House of Bishops (GS 1822B) [item 600]

Annual Report of the Archbishops' Council (GS 1862) [item 9]

The Archbishops' Council's Draft Budget and Proposals for Apportionment for 2013 (GS 1872) [item 10-17]

Testing the Bridges: Understanding the Role of the Church amidst Riots, Disturbances and Disorder (GS 1873) [item 18]

Private Member's Motion: Manifestation of Faith in Public Life (GS 1859A and GS 1859B) [item 19]

Monday 9 July

Draft Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure (GS 1708C) [item 501]

Draft Amending Canon No.30 (GS 1709C) [item 502]

Draft Petition for Her Majesty's Royal Assent and Licence for Adoption (GS 1709D) [item 503]

The Church School of the Future Report - not available online [item 20]

Tuesday 10 July

Private Member's Motion: Palestine and Israel (GS 1874A and GS 1874B) [item 22]

Diocesan Synod Motion: Vacancy in See Committees (GS 1875A and GS 1875B) [item 23]


Other Legislative Business

The Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order 2012 (GS 1868) and the Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Order 2012 (GS 1869) and Explanatory Memorandum (GS 1868X/1869X)


Contingency Business

Private Member's Motion: Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956 (GS 1876A and GS 1876B)


Other Papers

(GS Misc 1020) Membership of Boards, Councils and Committees

(GS Misc 1023) Dioceses Commission Annual Report

(GS Misc 1024) Activities of the Archbishops' Council

(GS Misc 1025) Pursuing the three Quinquennium Goals

(GS Misc 1026) The Report of the Meissen Commission 2007-2011

(GS Misc 1027) A response from the Church of England on the Government Consultation on Same-Sex Marriage

(GS Misc 1028) Background Press Questions and Answers re: Women in the Episcopate

(GS Misc 1029) Clergy Discipline Annual Report

(GS Misc 1030) Analysis of Mission Funds and Appendix A and Appendix B

(GS Misc 1031) Higher Education Validation Partnership

(GS 1708-1709ZZ) Report from the House of Bishops on Article 7 reference

HB(12)M1 House of Bishops: Summary of Decisions

Questions Notice Paper

Order Paper I
Order Paper II
Order Paper III
Order Paper IV
Order Paper V