November 2014 Group of Sessions

Monday 17 November - Tuesday 18 November

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The papers for the November 2014 Group of Sessions are available below.

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AGENDA - GS 1966

Monday 17 November

GS 1967 - Report by the Business Committee [item 3]

GS 1926D - Amending Canon No.33 [item 500]

GS 1919B - Draft Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Amendment) Measure and GS 1919Z - Report of the Steering Committee [items 501-502]

GS 1921B - Draft Ecclesiastical Property Measure and GS 1921Z - Report of the Steering Committee [items 503-504]

GS 1964A - Draft Amending Canon No.35 [item 506]

GS 1968 - Draft Scheme amending the Diocese in Europe Constitution 1995 and GS 1968x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 508]

GS 1969 - Draft Diocesan Stipends Funds (Amendment) Measure and GS 1969x - Explanatory Memorandum [item 507]

GS 1935A - Draft Naming of Dioceses Measure and GS 1935Y - Report of the Revision Committee [item 505]

GS 1970 - Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy (draft edition) [item 5]

Tuesday 18 November

GS Misc 1086 - A background note on Violence against Religious Minorities in Iraq and Syria [item 7]

GS 1971 - The Anglican-Methodist Covenant: Report from the Council for Christian Unity [items 8 & 9]

GS 1965A and GS 1965B - Diocesan Synod Motion on spare room subsidy [item 10]

Contingency Business

GS 1972A and GS 1972B - Private Member's Motion on Canon B 38

Other Papers

GS Misc 1085 - Guidelines for the professional conduct of the clergy (The Ministry of Absolution)

GS Misc 1087 - Regulations approved by the House of Bishops

GS Misc 1088 - Representative of Pentecostal Churches of the General Synod

GS Misc 1089 - The Porvoo Declaration - New signatories

GS Misc 1090 - Women in the Episcopate - appointment of Independent Reviewer

GS Misc 1091 - Report on the Archbishops' Council's activities

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