Since the start of the Millennium major ecumenical reports and statements have generally been made available through the World Wide Web and relevant links were provided on those pages. THe publications listed below are available in printed copies for purchase via Church House Bookshop or for consultation at the CCU offices by request.

Church House Bookshop is based at 31 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BN and other contact details are as follows?

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A Guide To The Church of England

Published by Continuum Books ISBN 978 1 906286 13 2 Price £9:99.

Contacts from near and far have often asked CCU staff  if there is a book that would give them a good  introduction to the C of E. " A Guide to the Church of England" by Dr Martin Davie,  former Theological Secretary to the CCU answers this need. This lively guide combines in a single volume a wide range of Church of England topics from mission to ministry, from Establishment to ecumenical relationships.

The "Guide" is  published by Continuum Books and has a foreword by Sir Roy Strong.

Pushing at the boundaries of unity Anglicans and Baptists in Conversation

£10:99 153 pages ISBN 0 7151 4052 3 General Synod document GS Misc 801

Although Baptists and Anglicans share a common faith in the Holy Trinity and in Christ as Lord and Saviour, they may seem poles apart in their understanding of the Church. This report, arising from more than a decade of dialogue between the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Church of England, reveals surprising convergence, especially in the deeper patterns of Christian initiation and pastoral oversight.

Pushing at the Boundaries of Unity is an unusual and innovative report and breaks the mould of ecumenical dialogue. It points to closer practical collaboration in mission between Anglicans and Baptists. It also puts a series of far-reaching challenges to both communions, especially with regards to their baptismal practices, encouraging discussion and response in an ongoing conversation.

To read the text of the report click here

Anglican-Moravian Conversations: The Fetter Lane Common Statement with Essays in Moravian and Anglican History (1996)
CCU Occasional Paper GS 1202. £2.50, 106 pages
Incorporates the full text of the Statement agreed between the Church of England and the Moravian Church in Great Britain and Ireland, together with informative essays on the origins and development of the Church of England and the Moravian Church and the history of Anglican and Moravian relations.


The Meissen Agreement: Texts (1992)
CCU Occasional Paper. £1.75, 76 pages
Includes the full (English and German) text of the Meissen Common Statement agreed in 1988 between the Church of England, the Evangelical Church in Germany and the Federation of the Evangelical Churches in the German Democratic Republic.

Together in Mission and Ministry: The Porvoo Common Statement with Essays on Church and Ministry in Northern Europe (1993)
GS 1083. £8.50, 218 pages
Incorporates the full text of the Statement with informative essays on other existing agreements, practices of episcopacy, ordination, initiation and confirmation, and doctrinal statements and declarations of assent within the participating churches.

Called to Witness and Service: The Reuilly Common Statement with Essays on Church, Eucharist and Ministry (1999)
GS 1329. £6.95, 136 pages
The full text of the Statement between the British and Irish Anglican Churches and the French Lutheran and Reformed Churches can be found here, together with profiles of the participating churches and their understandings of the Eucharist and Ministry.


Twinnings and Exchanges: Guidelines proposed by the Anglican - Roman Catholic Committees of France and England (1990)
£1.50, 21 pages
A useful guide (in English and French) for those involved in setting up twinnings and exchanges on a local level.


The Mission and Ministry of the Whole Church: Biblical, Theological and Contemporary Perspectives was produced by the Faith and Order Advisory Group of the Church of England (FOAG) in 2007. This report discusses ordained and lay ministry and the meaning of ordination, setting it all in the context of the mission of God through the Church in the contemporary world. GS Misc 854 100 pages Price £12. To read the text of the report click here.

The Eucharist: Sacrament of Unity (2001)

House of Bishops Occasional Paper GS Misc 632. £3.95, 29 pages.

In 1988, the Roman Catholic Bishops of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland published One Bread One Body. They invited ecumenical responses to this publication and The Eucharist: Sacrament of Unity is the House of Bishops' response. It sets out the teaching of the Church of England on the Eucharist. Why is it so important? How is Christ present? Why do Anglicans offer eucharistic hospitality to members of other Churches and expect to receive it from them.

Bishops in Communion: Collegiality in the Service of the Koinonia of the Church (2000)
House of Bishops Occasional Paper GS Misc 580. £2.95, 54 pages
A useful study of the theology and practice of episcopal collegiality and the place of collegiality in serving the visible unity of the Christian Church.

May They All Be One: A Response of the House of Bishops to Ut Unum Sint (1997)
House of Bishops Occasional Paper GS Misc 495. £2.50, 28 pages
In his Encyclical, Ut Unum Sint, Pope John Paul II called for continuance along the path towards the visible unity of the Church and in this publication the House of Bishops of the Church of England respond warmly to the encyclical and reflect upon the issues it raises.

Apostolicity and Succession (1994)
House of Bishops Occasional Paper GS Misc 432. £2.50, 36 pages
An informative study contributing to the debate on the apostolicity of the whole Church and the understanding of the succession of episcopal ministry.

Towards a Church of England Response to Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (BEM) and the Final Report of the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (1985)
GS 661. £4.95, 109 pages
Supplementary Report (1986)
GS 747. £1.00, 44 pages
As part of worldwide consideration, the Church of England made their response to these documents, produced as a result of multi-lateral and bi-lateral dialogues. These publications provide exposition as well as comment on the documents.

Unpacking the Gift - Anglican resources for theological reflection on "The Gift of Authority" GS Misc 697 £8:95 122 pages Church House Publishing
This wide-ranging collection of essays and comments - sponsored by the Church of England's Faith and Order Advisory Group - sheds fresh and often unexpected light on questions of authority and the whole search for unity in today's world.

Making Unity More Visible The report of the Meissen Commission 1997-2001 GS Misc 654 66 pages £7:95 Church House Publishing

This second quinquennial report from the Meissen Commission describes a busy and fruitful period of fellowship and common mission between the Church of England and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) between 1997 and 2001. Recommendations include initiatives in the key mission area of passing the faith to the next generation, and detailed proposals for the setting up of Local Ecumenical Partnerships under the Meissen Agreement.

Paths To Unity: Explorations in Ecumenical Method. This volume includes essays by Professor John Webster, Canon Peter Fisher, Dr Martin Davie, Archdeacon Joy Tetley, Dr Paula Gooder, Dr Paul Avis and Bishop Christopher Hill. Church House Publishing


Churches Together in England al0so produce a number of useful publications which can be obtained from Churches Together in England, 27 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HH. Tel. 020 7529 8141. Fax 020 7529 8134 For a full listing visit