The Fetter Lane Declaration

Between the Church of England and the Moravian Church of Britain and Ireland 1995

We commit ourselves to share a common life and mission. We will take all possible steps to visible unity in as many areas of life and witness as possible.

As the next steps towards that goal we agree:

(i)         To worship together and to pray for and with one another;

(ii)        On the basis of our common baptism to welcome one another’s baptized members to receive sacramental and other pastoral ministrations;

(iii)       To encourage the invitation of authorised ministers of our churches to minister in the other church in accordance with existing regulations;

(iv)       Taking into account other ecumenical partnerships and formal relations, to encourage the establishment of Local Ecumenical Partnerships wherever a Moravian and an Anglican congregation live in the same community;

(v)        To participate as observers by invitation in each other’s forms of oversight, including meetings of bishops and synods;

(vi)       To train candidates for ordained and lay ministries of our churches together where appropriate;

(vii)      To share our resources appropriately in order to strengthen the mission of the Church;

(viii)     To help our own members and members of other churches to appreciate and draw out the distinctive gifts which each of our traditions has to offer to the wider Church;

(ix)       To share the insight of our Common Statement with Anglicans and Moravians in other parts of the world and to invite our international bodies to consider the implications of this Agreement for their consultative processes.