Working Together Locally

Baptists and Anglicans on the move at Whaddon Way Church (Photo: Jack Richards)

Working Together Locally

In almost every local community, the Church of England exists alongside an increasing number and diversity of other churches. In many places we work extensively with some longstanding partner churches, and, increasingly, with a range of new partners.

Why do churches work together?

Churches can do far more together than they can do separately. Working together is the optimal strategy for mission.

Working together is a visible sign of the unity churches already share.

In working together, churches discover a deeper unity, which encourages them to work even more closely together. Christian unity and mission go hand in hand.

In what ways does the Church of England work with other churches?

By sharing many parish churches with other churches for worship, and by other churches sharing their buildings with us.

By working together with other churches on particular projects, for example help for the homeless, advice centres, youth projects, local community action, evangelistic outreach.

By sharing worship, ministry and congregational life together with other churches.

By planting new congregations in a number of new housing areas with other churches.

By establishing fresh expressions within a wide variety of contexts with other churches.

Theological Agreement gives integrity to all these activities. To read more, click on the link to the right.

Local Unity in Mission

The Council for Christian Unity encourages new ways for churches to work together in unity in mission and provides resources, advice and support for local ecumenical relationships.

To find who Our Partners are, click on resources to the right.

For Resources for Unity in Mission, click on the link on the right.

New Religious Movements

There are occasions when it is difficult to judge whether a local group is a church or a new religious movement. For guidance on this, follow the link to the New Religious Movements page on the right.