Call for Evidence

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The Archbishops of Canterbury and York set up the Families and Households Commission in March 2021 to find out about the pressures and challenges facing all families and households in England today, as well as to highlight the good and positive in terms of what works well and how that can be built on.

The Commission launched its Call for Evidence in October 2021, inviting individuals and organisations to respond to a range of questions, offering their views, perspectives and experiences on families and households. We received 391 responses and we are grateful to everyone who shared their time and insights.

From the Call for Evidence, 15 briefing papers were written, covering a number of different topics. These each reflect the range of responses the Commission received. They do not represent the views of the Commission nor of either Archbishop, but indicate the issues raised by members of the public and representatives from organisations, which helped to inform the Commission’s further evidence-gathering activities and areas of focus.

The Commission undertook a range of activities, including engagement with Church of England dioceses, meetings with politicians and policymakers, visits to community organisations and projects, and listening events with children and young people.

Read more about the range of responses the Commission received in its Call for Evidence exercise in the Briefing Papers.