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  1. Illustration of people in a park

    Stakeholder Update: An Autumn and Winter’s Tale full of Love and Hope


    Read the November update from the Archbishops’ Commission on Families & Households.

    4 min read
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    Dr Sarah Williams on the work of the Families & Households Commission


    With particular expertise in British political and cultural history, Dr Sarah Williams provides a rich understanding of the history of the family. Hear her thoughts as the Commission progresses its work. 

    1 min read
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    Families & Households Commission - Dr Catherine Hill


    Dr Catherine Hill, Chair of Care for the Family, and one of our expert advisers, provides her views on the importance of the work of the Commission.

    1 min read
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    Families & Households Commission - David French & Esther Gregory-Witham


    Commission Members David French and Esther Gregory-Witham share their thoughts on working on the Commission and discuss their particular area of focus, relationships.

    1 min read
  5. Lord Paul Boateng

    Families & Households chairs exchange views with Lord Boateng


    At a meeting of the Families & Households Commission, Lord Paul Boateng, chair of the Archbishop's Commission for Racial Justice, presented on his Commission's work.

    1 min read
  6. Andrew Balfour, Tavistock

    Government support for universally accessible relationship help would send a message of hope to millions of families


    In this blog, Andrew Balfour, Chief Executive of Tavistock Relationships, argues that without greater government and other support for families struggling with poor relationships, the long term consequences are profound.

    6 min read
  7. Mark Molden, Marriage Care

    “If we’re serious about unlocking the Common Good we need to stop hiding the key!"


    In this blog, Mark Molden, Chief Executive of MarriageCare, says “If we’re serious about unlocking the Common Good we need to stop hiding the key!"

    6 min read
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    Stakeholder Update April 2022


    The Commission is pleased to share its April update of activities, meetings and news.

    1 min read
  9. FHC Dickson

    Could three simple concepts really help churches tackle the problem of loneliness?


    In this blog, Martin Dickson, Director of Church Relationships at Safe Families UK, describes the immense damage that loneliness causes to thousands of people and suggests that intentional proximity, hospitality, and reciprocal friendship enable churches to address the problem.

    7 min read
  10. Guest Blog FHC

    Families Un-locked: Understanding Relationships Emerging from COVID-19 into the “New Normal”


    In this blog, Dr Gabriela Misca, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Worcester and Expert Adviser to the Commission, introduces current research into how lockdowns have impacted families in ways not seen before.

    9 min read