Archbishops’ Commission on Reimagining Care - Listening and Engagement Exercise

On this page you will find questions we are asking as part of the Listening and Engagement phase of the Commission on Reimagining Care’s work.

The Commission’s aim is to develop a radical and inspiring long-term vision for care and support in England so that everyone can flourish. Whether you draw on care and support, work in the care sector, care for a neighbour or relative, or have ideas about how care and support could be different, we want to hear from you. 

The Commission will use the responses to help formulate practical recommendations to national and local government, policymakers, the Church, the care sector, and society as a whole, about how to deliver a reimagined vision of care and support. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the questions. We greatly value your insights.

Participate in the Listening and Engagement Exercise

  1. Fill out the form online
  2. Download the form
  3. Download the Easy Read version of the form

The deadline for responses is Friday 10th December.

If for any reason you would prefer to have your say using a different format, please get in touch with the Commission at [email protected]

Watch the British Sign Language version below.