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  1. Dr Anna Dixon

    'Social care: asking the big questions' Church Times article with Dr Anna Dixon OBE


    Article in Church Times by Reimagining Commission Chair, Dr Anna Dixon OBE

    1 min read
  2. Jenny Kartupelis

    Mutual relationships: their benefits and challenge to planners


    In this guest blog, Jenny Kartupelis MBE, author and Director of Faith in Society, explores what ‘mutuality’ means in practice and why it matters to planning for an ageing population.

    3 min read
  3. Jabeer Butt

    The joy of the everyday


    In this blog, Commission Member Jabeer Butt, considers the experience of dementia for Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

    3 min read
  4. Headshot of Natasha Curry

    Building public support for social care reform: what can England learn from other countries?


    In this blog Natasha Curry, Deputy Director of Policy at the Nuffield Trust, considers the social care systems in Japan and Germany.

    5 min read
  5. Thumbnail - Reimagining Care

    Stakeholder Newsletter – Moving into a hopeful Spring 2022


    We were very pleased with the response to the Listening & Engagement Exercise survey which closed in December.

    7 min read
  6. Headshot of Jon Glasby

    Nothing new under the sun?


    In this blog, Jon Glasby,  Professor of Health and Social Care at the University of Birmingham, and Director of ‘IMPACT’, looks back at previous social care reforms – and asks the Commission to think about how to make sure that things are different this time round.

    5 min read
  7. Helena Herklots CBE

    How complexity and jargon get in the way of good care


    Commission member Heléna Herklots discusses how current language and systems erect barriers to good outcomes for those those who draw on care and those that provide it, and what the Commission is considering by way of remedy.

    3 min read
  8. A photo of Anna Severwright smiling at the camera.

    Where is love?


    In this blog, Anna Severwright, Commission member, explores her reasons for working on the Commission.

    2 min read
  9. Anna Dixon

    UCB1 Radio interview


    Anna Dixon MBE, Commission Chair, was interviewed by Vicky Gibbens of UCB1 Radio.

    1 min read
  10. Thumbnail - Reimagining Care

    Archbishops’ Commission reacts to publication of Government’s White Paper on Adult Social Care Reform


    The Archbishops’ Commission on Reimagining Care is pleased that the Government has published its White Paper on Adult Social Care Reform “People at the Heart of Care”.

    2 min read