The Church of England Youth Council

The Church of England Youth Council seeks to actively represent, enrich, and engage young people (16-25s) in the Church of England and to encourage growth in faith and discipleship.

Twice a year, CEYC representatives from across England meet for an day in April and a residential event in November. These youth-led occasions include:

  • Worship, Bible focus and prayer
  • Discussion and debate
  • Opportunities to learn more about the Church of England
  • Experience of the different traditions and views within the Church of England 
  • A lot of laughter and friendship.

Three members are elected by their peers to represent CEYC on General Synod.

You can support or join CEYC on our website. You can also follow us on Twitter @CEYCnews and like our Facebook page.

General Synod

The 'Parliament' of the Church of England. The General Synod usually meets twice a year to debate and discuss matters of interest and to consider and approve amendments to Church legislation.