You're so welcome to join our wonderful peer support and learning communities; come on in!

Our network meetings usually take place online, via Zoom.

Click on the links below to find out more about each network,

or contact the Networks Lead with any questions.

Parachurch Organisations
Serving the Local School
Toddler Leaders (and their accompaniers)
Chaplains in Education
Mental Health and Trauma Awareness
Listening and responding to children and young people

Upcoming networks

The following networks are in the planning stages. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in further information or if you'd like to be involved:

  • Key adults in schools (breakfast club leaders/lunchtime supervisors/FSWs/TAs/caretakers)
  • Outdoor Church
  • Caring for Looked After Children
  • Home Educators 
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Growing Faith
  • Parents, carers and grandparents
  • Music and Growing Faith

Young Adults

In 2022-3 a group of Young Adults in the Church of England met to share their contributions to Growing Faith. The participants of this network have a produced a guide for churches on fostering and sustaining relationships with young adults in their communities, which can be found below. If you are a Young Adult and would like to connect with the Growing Faith Foundation, please contact [email protected]

Peer Support Directory

This resource is for colleagues who would like to have a one-off friendly chat or longer-term peer support from a knowledgeable friend who might be in a similar context. Please find below contact details for leaders in our networks who are happy to be contacted. All of these colleagues have volunteered their details because they are passionate about supporting and connecting with others - you will decide between you how and when to meet (either in person or online). We'd love to hear about connections made through this directory!

Chaplains in Education