Fundraising for Net Zero Carbon and the Environment

This page provides you with advice on possible sources of funding for projects to reduce carbon emissions.  It also gives advice on how to approach those funders in a way most likely to succeed. 

The advice focusses on Net Zero Carbon projects, but applies more widely to other environmental projects, and also to any building project which will reduce carbon emissions as part of what it aims to achieve, such as a new lighting scheme or major reordering.

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How to apply to environmental funders

The sections below will get you started in how to approach environmental fundraising.

Before you start; watch our webinars
Who is this page for?
What kind of funding is (and is not) covered here?
Is fundraising going to be difficult?
What are the steps I need to take when fundraising?
How do I apply?
What will funders ask?
How do I describe the Environmental Impact?
How do I put my project in the context of the climate & ecological crises?
Acknowledgement, Accounting and Reporting

Finding suitable funders to apply to

The sections below will help you work out who to apply to.

Useful grants directories
A list of environmental funders
A sample of church funders

Learning more and going further

We have produced a series of webinars which give further and more detailed information on funding net zero and environmental projects, including:

Find upcoming webinars dates and videos of past recordings here.

The Church of England’s giving team have an excellent set of webinars about improving giving and generosity in your church which are highly relevant to all projects requiring funding. You can find them here

If you want to take your skills to the next level the Directory of Social Change (DSC) and Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIOF) both run excellent courses on writing applications.

The standard textbook to help you is the outstanding Writing Better Fundraising Applications

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