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"Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith

Hebrews 13:7 (New International Version)

"God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called


The Evangelism and Discipleship Team works to equip leaders in their mission and ministry. Empowering and releasing the whole people of God, so that together we can encourage people along their journeys of faith and make new disciples by confidently sharing the Good News. 

Funerals and Bereavement Research Report 2021

This independent research, commissioned by the Church of England, looks at the effect that the pandemic has had on public attitudes surrounding death and dying. It also considers how peoples' experience of bereavement has been changed by Covid restrictions and asks what the Church can do in response to the findings. 

Advance: The Evangelist Movement exists to promote and stir up the gift of the evangelist, building towards a huge year of outreach throughout the UK in 2020.

Through Evangelist Group Mentoring and the personal witness training offered from Advance Bootcamps, we are committed to equipping and empowering those who have a desire to prioritise the sharing of the gospel, be it from a stage or a one-to-one conversation. Alongside this we are praying and planning together for what an intentional, strategic, and spirit-filled year of mission will look like across the UK in 2020 as we commit to taking the gospel to the nation on an unprecedented scale.

Advance 2020 / Amplify 

Advance 2020 is keen to see the whole church unite around evangelism, seeking to identify, train and release over 1000 evangelists throughout 2020, sharing faith in both word and deed.

We, as youth agencies and denominations, are particularly keen to see this modelled amongst young people, especially those aged 11-18.

Imagine that our role as church leaders and youth ministers is to raise up an army of young people, young people who are actively and confidently sharing their faith with their peers. Amplify takes a small, hand picked and select group of these young people, with no more than 2 young people from any one church, and places them as part of a year-long programme.

Mission Academy Live:  One of the biggest challenges facing young people with regards to peer-to-peer evangelism is confidence. As part of addressing this, we have partnered with the following organisations to create a free resource, Mission Academy Live.

Setting Gods People Free (Monday to Saturday - and on Sunday, too!)

Church life can be busy – whether we have a leadership role in a church, undertake slots on various rotas or are simply trying to juggle all the demands on our time.  The gathered life and worship of a church is a vital expression of our faith, but how can this time together better nurture our life of faith across the week?

Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre

We help communities flourish by equipping rural churches to identify and meet local physical, social and spiritual needs. We develop leaders and church members through training programmes, events, conferences and learning communities

Growing Pioneer Ministry

Pioneering is about firsts. Being the first to lead ministry into new places for and with others. Pioneers must be able to see a new future, and have the skills and gifts needed to make it a reality now.

Towards a Contemporary Theology of Discipleship

This paper written by The Revd Canon Dr Jeremy Worthen, Secretary for Ecumenical Relations and Theology explores the the potential benefits to the Church of England of a renewed emphasis on discipleship. 

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