Estate Management Scheme

Estate Management Schemes (EMS) was set up under the approval of the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, in order to allow the Church Commissioners to regulate the redevelopment, use and appearance of the Hyde Park Estate once properties were enfranchised.
A panoramic photo of London terrace properties on the Hyde Park Estate.

The EMS is considered to be an effective tool with which to protect the Hyde Park Estate’s future and desirability. The EMS is divided up into six geographic areas: Connaught Square; Gloucester Square; Hyde Park Square; 1-24 Hyde Park Gardens; Gloucester Square and; 25-31 Hyde Park Gardens & Sussex Square.

The schemes and their obligations become enforceable once a property (be it a house or a block of flats) has been enfranchised (Freehold). Obligations held within the Schemes include the regulations and restrictions which have regard to the upkeep and appearance of the property. They include provisions that allow the Church Commissioners to recover costs associated with the administration of running the schemes and the upkeep of the Hyde Park Estate's Gardens.

They include provisions that allow the Church Commissioners to recover costs. The owners of enfranchised properties must pay and contribute on demand a ‘reasonable share of the cost and expenses to repair, maintain, renew and cleanse all or any roadways, forecourts, courtyards, pathways and pavements, etc.

Costs are recoverable under two separate regimes; the ‘fixed’ charge, and the variable charge which is known more commonly as the ‘garden’ charge. The garden charge is limited to costs incurred in carrying out works of maintenance, repair, renewal or replacement in relation to the Garden. An owner of the enfranchised freehold property shall pay in advance in respect of that property to the Church Commissioners for on the 25th March in each year a fixed charge although there is an RPI provision allowing for annual increases.

The garden charge varies per garden but covers the outgoings of maintaining, repairing, improving and keeping in good order and condition the Garden and the walks, lawns and shrubberies and the iron railings or other fencing and any other embellishments or improvements. 

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